About PILC


About PILC (Promotion Association for Global Youth Innovation Leaders Community)

The Promotion Association for Global Youth Innovation Leaders Community (PILC) is a China-based NGO that offers access to diverse networks of entrepreneurs, investors, incubators, higher education institutions and international organizations, encouraging and supporting the development of young innovation leaders.

PILC was founded in 2018 jointly by the Investment and Financing Committee of IEEAC, Scientific Chinese Magazine and the China MBA Development Forum Committee.

Our Vision

PILC aims to form a community of young creative leaders on the premise of innovation and sustainable development. Our mission is to develop young creative leaders that exhibit outstanding entrepreneurship, innovation, global vision, social responsibility and consciousness.

At the same time, PILC would also be exploring new methods of improving efficiency of financing new startups. PILC would strive to enhance communication and understanding among different cultures to nurture caring and social consciousness.

Closing ceremony

PILC Leadership

Chairman: ZENG Fang
Executive Chairman: ZHU Lei, SUN Yan
Deputy Chairman: Kathy TSE
Secretary General: WANG Wei
Deputy Secretary General: FAN Zhi

Authorized Supporter of the Higher Education Track of the 6th China International College Students' “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

PILC has been authorized by the Organizing Committee of the “Internet+” Competition as a supporter of the Higher Education Track of the Competition in 2020, taking the responsibility to connect more outstanding startups and young entrepreneurs with the platform set up by the “Internet+” Competition. Previously, PILC has serviced as the Exclusive Co-organizer of the International Track of the “Internet+” Competition in 2018 and 2019, and has gathered teams and projects from more 120 countries to participate in the Competition.


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