Q&A Regarding International Teams

1. How are this year's rules for international entries different from previous years?

As an international event held in China for global young innovators and entrepreneurs, the “Internet +” Competition seeks to enhance global communication and cooperation, thus there will not be a separate track for international entries this year. And all international teams will compete with teams from China in the higher education track.

2. Are there any restrictions on the discipline/subject field of the projects entered?

The "Internet +" Competition doesn't set any restrictions on the discipline/subject field of the entrants.

3. Eligibility

While there's no restriction on the projects' place of business or the entrants' nationality, all international entrants must be students who are currently enrolled at a foreign college/university (including higher education institutions and higher vocational colleges) or those who have graduated within the past 5 years (in or after 2015).

Students that are enrolled or have studied only at a Chinese college/university can be members of the startup group, but are not eligible to register and enter as team members.

4. What is the specific interpretation of "enrolled at a foreign college/ university"?

"A foreign college/university" refers to a higher education institution/higher vocational college that is located outside the People's Republic of China and is qualified to provide education and award degrees. "A student enrolled at a foreign college/university" refers to a student that has registered and studiedat a foreign college/university and is qualified to receive a degree.

5. I am a student of an overseas program offered by a Chinese college/university. Can I register as an international entrant?

Yes you can, provided that your college/university has the qualifications to provide education overseas independently.

6. Our team include members from more than one college/ university. Which college/university are we deemed to represent?

Each international team may represent one college/ university only (and it must be a foreign college/ university). A team is deemed to represent the college/university which its leader represents. If the team leader has studied both in and outside China, he/she can choose to register either as a Chinese entrant or an international entrant. All members of a team can only compete in the project category selected by the leader, and are deemed to represent the college/university that the leader represents.

7. I am a team leader and I am a student of a China-foreign joint degree program. How should I register?

(1) You can register as a Chinese entrant; or

(2) If you have already started your studies overseas, you can also choose to register as an international entrant and represent the foreign college/university that you study at.

8. Can a team include members from more than one college/ university?

Yes, a team can include members from more than one college/university. A team must be of 2 to 15 people (team leader included), all of whom must be actual members of the project and meet the eligibility requirements (see Question 3). A team is deemed to represent the college/university which its leader represents.

9. Categories of participating projects

Projects are eligible to be entered regardless of whether they have been registered as companies or whether they are Internet-related. All projects will be divided into three categories: the Creativity Category, Emerging Project Category, and Rising Project Category , with different requirements for each group. For detailed requirements of each category, please refer to the Notice to International Participants.

10. Can projects that have been awarded in previous years be resubmitted?

Projects that have won the Gold or Silver Awards in this competition previously are not eligible to be resubmitted this year.

11. How many rounds are there? How many slots does each round have?

Among all the teams that have registered and entered the competition, 400 teams will advance to the finals.

The finals will comprise two rounds. In the first round, 100 teams will be selected through online judging to enter the next round, which will be held on-site.

There will be 10 international organizer awards and several mentor awards granted.

12. Can faculty members of a Chinese college/university serve as the mentor of an international team and apply for the mentor award?

Yes, faculty members of a Chinese college/university can serve as the mentor of an international team and their names will be indicated on the award certificates if their teams win. They can also apply for the mentor award.

13. How will the competitions be held? Should all the international teams come to China?

The 100 finalist teams need to come to China. All preceding rounds can be entered online. However, if the Covid-19 situation prohibits finalists from coming, we will make further arrangements accordingly after the final slots are decided.

14. Who will take care of the traveling expenses of all international finalists if there's a on-site final?

The Organizing Committee will cover the air travel (round-trip economy class) and accommodation expenses for two members from each of the 100 finalist teams.

15. What will I gain from participating in the competition?

Teams that place first, second, or third will be awarded prize money (1st place: RMB 1,000,000 yuan; 2nd place: RMB 500,000 yuan; 3rd place: RMB 300,000 yuan; all amounts are before tax). Other winners of the Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards will be presented with award certificates and will be provided with assistance in finding investment and incubators.

16. What is the registration platform for international teams?

All international teams should apply via the offcial website of the Promotion Association for Global Youth Innovation Leaders Community (PILC).

17. When does the registration start and end?

The online registration for international teams starts on July 20th and will close on September 15th, 2020 at 24:00 (Beijing time, UTC+8).

18. What kind of materials need to be prepared for the competition?

A project presentation file (PPT format) is compulsory for all teams. Besides, a business plan in PDF/WORD format or a one minute video can also be submitted as an optional supplement.

19. What language should I use in the competition?

All entry materials should be in Chinese or English. All finalist teams are required to present and defend their projects in Chinese or English. If you have further language related needs, please contact the Organizing Committee before your project gets evaluated.

20. Will my intellectual property rights be protected?

All entry materials will be accessible only to authorized staffers of the competition and the judges we invite, all of whom will sign a confidentiality agreement with us. In every round, each project will be evaluated by about 5 to 15 judges. We will not disclose anything about your project without your consent.


1. 本届大赛国际参赛项目报名与往届大赛国际赛道参赛项目报名有哪些不同?


2. 大赛为“互联网+”大学生创新创业大赛,参赛项目对学科或专业领域是否有什么限制?


3. 参赛报名的条件是什么?


4. 大赛对“具有国外院校学籍或学历”的具体解释是什么?


5. 中国在海外办学的高校学生是否可以报名国际参赛项目?


6. 参赛项目负责人和团队成员如果有不同院校的学籍或学历,怎么确定参赛项目类别和所代表的参赛院校?


7. 项目负责人参加国内与国外院校联合培养,同时具有国内外两所院校的学籍,如何参赛?


8. 可以跨校组队吗?


9. 参赛项目类别有哪几类?


10. 已经获过奖的项目可以参赛吗?


11. 比赛赛制及奖项数量如何设置?



12. 中国高校老师可以担任国际参赛项目导师吗?有机会获得国际参赛项目优秀创新创业导师奖吗?


13. 比赛采取何种方式进行?必须到中国参赛吗?


14. 来现场参赛费用由谁承担?


15. 参赛会有什么收获?


16. 报名通道是什么?


17. 报名开放与截止时间?


18. 国际项目参赛需要准备什么材料?


19. 可以使用什么语言参赛?


20. 我的知识产权是否会得到保护?