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Who is eligible to participate in the International Track of the Fifth China "Internet+" University Graduates Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award?

Students who meet the following criteria are eligible to compete:

  • Students from all over the world (excluding mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan) that are either enrolled in a university progamme at any level, or graduated not more than 5 years (after 2014).
  • Students can participate either individually or in teams of maximum three (3) members.
  • Minimum 18 years of age

foreign institutions of higher education, which are formally recognized by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as “foreign colleges and universities”, see MoE's Foreign Education-related Supervision Information Network http://www.jsj.edu.cn). All participants must have a foreign university student status (meaning that students with only domestic student status shall not participate in the international track, even as team members), yet with no limitations regarding nationality or the place where the participating project is implemented.

Who can apply through the platform?

This platform is dedicated for international tracks of the award, which means, you need to be studying or have been attending a university not from China. Otherwise, you should apply via https://cy.ncss.cn.

What is the specific interpretation of “having a foreign university student status”?

It means the student has been registered in a foreign university with learning experiences there, and is qualified to obtain a degree from the foreign university.

Can students from Chinese-foreign cooperative universities (N years at home + N years abroad) participate in the international track?

Students from Chinese-Foreign cooperative universities can participate in the international track if they have registered in foreign universities and have already studied in or graduated from foreign universities. Students who have not yet studied abroad can only participate in the domestic track.

Can college students who study at universities abroad run by Chinese institutions enter this competition?

Yes, they can enter the competition as long as the university has independent school-running qualifications abroad, with independent overseas student status.

Are inter-college teams allowed to enter this competition?

Inter-college and inter-country teams are allowed to enter the competition. Each team shall consist of no less than two members who have made an actual contribution to the project. Each participant must meet the requirement of the international track (Article 1 hereinbefore). The participating university is determined in accordance with the team leader’s university.

What are the types of participating projects?

Entrepreneurial projects, whether involving registered companies or not, can participate in the competition, regardless of their relevance to the Internet. Participating projects are divided into Business Enterprise Group, Social Enterprise Group, and Proposition Group (for more details, please refer to the Guidelines for the International Track of the Competition), with different requirements for each group. Participants are asked to read the Guidelines in detail in order to understand for which category they should sign up.

Can those projects that have previously been awarded prizes enter the competition?

Projects that have already won gold or silver prizes in any track of the previous National Final of China “Internet+” College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competitions shall not sign up for this year’s Business Enterprise Group or Social Enterprise Group, but can sign up for the Proposition Group (participants should meet the requirement of Article 1 hereinbefore).

What are the procedures of this competition?

A three-level evaluation system is adopted: a preliminary round, an online semi-final and an on-site final. All co-organizing partners or organizing committees in each province are entitled to hold preliminary rounds, with the forms decided on their own initiative; in cases of single participating project or when the co-organizing partner and organizing committee of this competition in each province give up organizing preliminary rounds, there will be an online preliminary round organized by the Organizing Committee of the Competition.

The Organizing Committee of the Competition shall assign quotas in accordance with the weight of each preliminary round, and winning projects will be selected through the preliminary round to enter the online semi-final. The online semi-final shall be organized by the Organizing Committee of the Competition, with 240 bronze-prize projects and 60 winning projects entering the on-site final.

In the on-site final, there will be 15 gold prizes and 45 silver prizes.

Honor certificates shall be granted by the Organizing Committee of the Competition, with no prize money.

After logged in, in "My Profile", What does "Other higher Education" mean?

If you are not attending regular university higher education such as Bachelor, Master and Doctor, you might be eligible to participate in the Award. Most of the tertiary education including Vocational training and education students and graduates are eligible.

What is the Proposition Group?

We will collect a few common social or development problems of large-scale global enterprises, government agencies, public welfare organizations. etc., in order to set the competition topics. Individuals, teams, and enterprises that meet the relevant requirements can enter the competition, including projects or companies that have won gold or silver awards in the International Track of the previous competitions, and can participate in multiple propositions at the same time. Prize money has been set for the Proposition Group, and the number of winning teams and the amount of prize money shall be determined by the proposition panel and announced at the same time as the proposed topics.

What are the channels for entering this competition?

Participating teams representing domestic universities at the same time (namely double student-status projects or international track projects held in each province) are required to register by logging onto the “National College Student Entrepreneurship Service Website” (cy.ncss.cn). Participating teams representing foreign universities only are required to register by logging onto the official website of the Promotion Association for the Global Youth Innovation Leadership Community (www.pilcchina.org). Each participating team can only choose one channel for registration.

What is the opening and closing time of the registration?

The registration system is open on May 15th, 2019 Beijing time (subject to the actual opening time of registration), while the closing time is July 31st, 2019 Beijing time.

What kind of materials need to be prepared for the competition?

A PPT project description in English is compulsory for individual participant or teams entering the online semi-final, plus a PDF/Word version of the business plan or a 1-minute video can be submitted as supplementary materials. In preliminary rounds held by co-organizing partners and organizing committees in each province, entry requirements can be determined by the organizers.

In what languages can participants enter this competition?

All entry materials and on-site presentations must be in English for individual projects and projects entering the online semi-final and on-site final. In preliminary rounds, language requirement is determined by the organizers

Who will bear the costs of travel expenses and accommodation for the on-site final?

The Organizing Committee of the Competition shall cover international travel expenses (economy class only) and costs of local transportation and accommodation for 1 to 2 persons from the on-site finalist teams during the period.

What are the merits of entering this competition?

Apart from the reputation of being one of the winners of the largest innovation and entrepreneurship competition for college students worldwide, there will also be a session for matching tutors in the competition. For teams that have entered the final or distinguished themselves for their excellent performance in the preliminary round, the organizers of the competition will recommend entrepreneurial instructors who are predominantly excellent investors, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship education experts or eminent philanthropists in China, leaving free choices to both sides. The competition tries to help distinguished entrepreneurial teams to establish a high-end network in China and benefit from China’s entrepreneurial counseling, entrepreneurial resources or capital docking.

In addition, the winning teams in the Proposition Group shall be granted prize money by the proposition party.

Will my intellectual property rights be protected?

Entry materials are only accessible to core staff of the competition organizers and judges appointed by the competition. Core staff and judges have all signed confidentiality agreements with the Organizing Committee of the Competition. During the online semi-final and on-site final, each project is accessible to about five to fifteen judges in each round. The organizers will not disclose the entry materials to anyone else without the permission of the project leader, unless under the condition that the participating project explicitly expresses a wish for the organizers of the competition to assist them with promotion and financing.

I’m studying in Shanghai, can I apply through the platform?

You need to be studying or have been studied abroad to join the China+ international track.

I’m attending universities in Hong Kong, can I apply through the platform?

If you are from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, you are going through the Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan track (港澳台赛道), you should apply via https://cy.ncss.cn.

Can I enter the competition as individual?

Yes. We accept entries from both individuals and teams of up to 3 members. If competing as a team, you must pick a team leader who will be responsible for the registration and all the communication regarding this challenge.

Do I need to provide proof of enrollment?

If you are selected as a finalist, you need to provide an official document from your university confirming your enrollment and student status. The document can be obtained from your student services centre, international office or one of your professors.

When is the deadline?

The deadline for your submission is 6 April 2018, 12PM CET.

When will the results be announced?

August 15th, 2019, Finalists announced.

October, 2019, Global winner announcement and award ceremony in Hangzhou, China.

I did not receive a confirmation email after signing up for the competition. What should I do?

If you did not receive a confirmation email within 5-10 minutes, try checking your spam box. Otherwise, please report the problem to internetplus@thisisdeploy.com.

I am having difficulty loading the page. I think it may be a browser issue. What are the recommended browsers to enter the challenge?

The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari, or Internet Explorer.

Why will the system not let me finalize my submission?

In case of a technical error, please report the problem to internetplus@thisisdeploy.com

I am having problems uploading my documents (case solution, image etc). What could be the problem?

Make sure the documents you are submitting are in PDF format and they do not exceed the 20MB limit.

II. Q&A Concerning Cooperation Partners

What kinds of cooperation partners are there for the international track of this competition? How to become a cooperation partner?

Cooperation partners of this competition can be divided into promotion partners and co-organizing partners. Promotion partners should be legal institutions in the country (including China) and the region with advantageous resources in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. The promotion partner qualifications are examined and approved by Promotion Association for the Global Youth Innovation Leadership Community, the assisting unit authorized by the Organizing Committee of the Competition. Promotion partners that can organize over 60 participating projects for the international track of the competition will automatically become co-organizing partners.

The Organizing Committee in each province of China automatically has the rights to exercise promotion and co-organizing partnership, and can organize and manage the international track in the province by referring to organization and management of other tracks in the competition.

What do co-organizing partners need to do? And what are the rights and responsibilities of co-organizing partners?

Co-organizing partners need to organize projects to register on the designated websites of the competition and examine entry qualifications of the projects; they can hold preliminary rounds independently or apply for the assistance of the Organizing Committee of the Competition.

All co-organizing partners or provinces in China that hold preliminary rounds are entitled to recommend projects to enter the online semi-final. The Organizing Committee of the Competition shall allocate quotas for recommended projects in accordance with the weight of each preliminary round, and ensure that there is at least one recommended project entering the online semi-final (namely obtaining bronze prize at least); finalist teams are determined via the online semi-final, with no quotas allocated.

During the on-site final, one principal responsible person of each co-organizing partner shall be invited to attend relevant activities on the scene.

Will there be a co-organized competition in the name of the Organizing Committee of China “Internet+” College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition?

In principle, the Organizing Committee of the Competition shall not participate as the co-organizer in the co-organized competition of any form either at home or abroad. If necessary, co-organizing partners can submit relevant applications. Upon examination and approval, the competition can be co-organized by the Promotion Association for the Global Youth Innovation Leadership Community (PILC), the assisting unit of the International Track of the Competition, under the guidance of the Organizing Committee of the Competition.

How shall the Award for Outstanding Organization Work be decided?

It shall be decided in accordance with the respective proportions in all dimensions of the number of registered projects in every co-organizing competition, the number of countries in which the applicant universities are located, and the number of on-site finalists, as well as through the calculation of every co-organizing competition’s contribution weight to the International Track of the Competition.


China "Internet+" University Graduates Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award international track is organised by PILC on behave of Ministry of Education of China in collaboration with This is Deplpoy and Student Competitions.

If you have any questions regarding the competition process or the competition platform, please send us an email to internetplus@thisisdeploy.com.